“Close your eyes, imagine yourself in the world of your dreams, imagine everything you ever wanted, live that moment, get the feel of it. Once you've lived that moment in your mind fully, open your eyes and get started with work, work as hard as possible, do all that it takes to live that moment in real. Just do it, it's possible.” 
― Sharad Vivek Sagar

  • Do you crave a change in direction in your career?

  • Do you want to learn more about creating or making a social impact?

Whether it's starting a social impact venture, moving into business consultancy, dabbling in social activism or taking on the challenge of frontline work that appeals to you, there are scores of career opportunities in the social impact space for people to apply their skills to solve tricky social problems – bringing more meaning and impact to their careers in the process.

This event explores the options available if you want to transition into a career with social impact. We're bringing together some of the leading social leadership and career change programmes in the UK to help you chart a course from your current role and into a career with impact at its heart.

The evening will kickoff with an overview of the options from Year Here's founder Jack Graham before we dive into a speed storytelling session, where we'll hear directly from people who've already made the leap into the social impact world. Then, over a drink or two, you'll meet the organisations that are helping a new generation of professionals find purposeful work – including Frontline, Impact Hub, On Purpose, Social Starters, Teach First and Year Here.


Parita Doshi is the Client Services and Impact Director of Oomph! Wellness, a social enterprise whose mission is to improve the quality of life of older people. She has spent the last four years there working to scale up the operations, which now trains and supports over 1,500 care staff nationally. Prior to this she was part of the On Purpose Leadership programme and spent over 3 years working as a Financial Services strategy consultant at Oliver Wyman. She completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Economics at LSE.

Parita entered the social impact world via On Purpose, which offers its participants a chance to spend a year working for 2 socially impactful organisations in London (6 months apiece) whilst getting paid.



Nick Ferguson spent a good decade or so working in marketing for style media (Wallpaper), then luxury and beauty (Creme de La Mer, Mac, Lab Series) working his way to Brand Director at a leading global brand group. A well timed sabbatical led him to _SocialStarters which saw him spending 6 weeks in Brazil supporting a eco-tourism business on strategic business growth. He has since left the corporate world, started his own venture and hasn't looked back.

_SocialStarters offers professionals the chance to learn more about social enterprise and share their business skills over 12 weeks with a social start-up to help them grow and be more financially sustainable.




Beth Pilgrim started her career as an Accounts Manager in a branding agency, Beth later joined the Corporate Partnerships team at Breast Cancer Now. Having transitioned from commercial work to the nonprofit sector, Beth became increasingly interested in social enterprise. In 2017, she joined a Social Starters programme and soon after became a Year Here Fellow. During her time as a Fellow, she's led innovations within mental health services for homeless people and developed a digital platform to enable social enterprises to access the housing market.

Beth is a Fellow of Year Here, a postgraduate course in social innovation, challenging young professionals to a year of testing and building smart solutions to some of society's toughest problems.

...with more to be announced soon.

Our market place includes:

Frontline recruits and develops outstanding individuals to be social workers and leaders to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children and families.

Teach First provides world-class teacher and leadership training for people who are passionate about giving children from the poorest backgrounds a great education.

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