"Overall, just 10% of employed residents in Western Europe are engaged -- that is, involved in and enthusiastic about their work." Gallup Survey 2017

In our lifetimes, we spend approximately 80,000 hours working in total in our careers.

Do you want to belong to the 10% of people who feel fulfilled in their work, or stay a part of the 90% who are disengaged?

On Purpose and _SocialStarters are hosting a unique collaboration event on 21st March where you can explore the essential steps for transitioning into a social impact career. Whether you are passionate about becoming a leader in the purpose-led economy, about starting your own impact organisation or dipping your toe in the water through a career break or an online course, there are pathways and opportunities to enable you as an aspiring change-maker to move into a career that makes a positive difference in the world.

  • Do you want to do something more meaningful in your work?
  • Are you ready to make a shift into a start-up or impact-driven environment?
  • Have you previousy tried to get work in the charity sector but found it hard to move across?

This event will allow you to gain insights into how to make a social impact career transition and will show you what opportunities are out there to facilitate the change.

Our Speaker Line Up:

We've invited down inspiring individuals and organisations dedicated to the cause to share their stories, provide essential transition tips plus a little more info about the opportunities they offer.

Career Change specialists Escape the City will give an introduction to career change - how to go about it and what to avoid.

Training & Learning experts London+Acumen deliver best-in-class courses on social entrepreneurship and will share their tips on how to get started in the social impact space.

Social Enterprise enablers _SocialStarters offer opportunities for business professionals to take on a short-term volunteer consultancy project with a social enterprise start-up in the UK. They'll talk about the value of volunteering and how it can facilitate a 'dip your toe in' career change taster experience.

Social impact leadership programme On Purpose will show you how you can quit your current job and join their one-year leadership programme in social enterprise.

Social entrepreneur programme Year Here will give you a run through their post-graduate programme in social entrepreneurship and share their story of how they started their own social enterprise.

Whatever stage you are at, whether you are just exploring the idea, or if you're ready to take the plunge, this event will leave you inspired, informed, and clearer on the pathways to change. Change only happens if you make it happen, so by turning up you could be taking the first step in transitioning to a social impact career.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our evening of inspiration, story telling and networking!

The ticket fee covers the venue cost and our social enterprise catering. We will provide some nibbles and a selection of drinks. We're not looking to make money out of this event.

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