Data Orchard are offering a Google Analytics course, which aims to ensure your website delivers value for your charity, social enterprise or cause. It will set out the important uses of data analytics for understanding who, and how, your website visitors are engaging online. You will learn how to use these insights to improve the content and structure of your website to support online marketing, service delivery, and fundraising.

The course is aimed specifically at the non-profit sector. It will be particularly useful for building the confidence and skills of those with responsibility for marketing, fundraising, communications, and digital services.

About the Course

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides rich insights into how people are using your website and where they come from. It is a very powerful tool that can sometimes seem a bit daunting for non-profit users.

This course will:

  • Introduce you to the principles of Google Analytics, how it works and how to read its reports.
  • Show you how to take information from Google Analytics reports and use this to improve marketing and fundraising activities.
  • Show you how to extend your reporting with the use of goals within the tool.
  • Enable you to assess the value of different marketing channels to your organisation.
  • Provide some first steps towards making best use of the Google Adwords platform.

Who Should Come?

The course is aimed at people working for charities and social enterprises. It does not require any prior knowledge of Google Analytics or website design. It does assume some understanding of marketing or public fundraising principles. Fundraisers, marketers, communications, and social media staff, and people with responsibility for websites will find it particularly useful.

Tickets for the course cost between £150 - £180, you can find out more here.