Since 2013, Emergent Berlin brings together sustainable initiatives with people and organizations who are interested in getting involved with, collaborating with and supporting these initiatives.

About the festival

2018 theme : "Immersive Realites"


Monday, Nov. 5: Emergent Berlin Opening Night

Tuesday, Nov. 6: Action Night

Wednesday, Nov. 7: Presentations & Workshop

  • Mifactori’s Hypercircularity – Lars Zimmermann
  • Konstantin Mercks
  • Anne Westwards: One woman's adventure cycling solo across the globe connecting with humanity...
  • + workshop: Lars Zimmermann, Making a Living Street Art Installation

Thursday, Nov. 8: Community Networking Night

  • OM Chanting Workshop with Maria @19:00
  • Performance: Special Synesthesia Buffet Concert with Portrait XO @20:15

Friday, Nov. 9: Presentations & Workshop

  • Katosi Inter-community Development Alliance (KIDA) – Henry Nsubuga, Co-founder, volunteer coordinator & social worker
  • Do Something! Volunteering at a Refugee Camp in Greece – Natalie Holmes
  • The Freegees – Portrait XO
  • + workshop: Vincent Ulbrich, Embodied Understanding of Systems


Saturday, Nov. 10: Active Art Salon & Panel Discussion

Sunday, Nov. 11: Super Social Sunday & Sustainability Thinking Workshop & Poetry Reading

  • Dance Sport & Yoga to Treat Pain
  • Poetry Reading "Immersive Welten: Tote Tiere und alte Bäume" Literarische Erkundungen von Bäumen und ihren verschwundenen Bewohnern mit Frank Sievers und Mikael Vogel


Monday, Nov. 12: Baumhaus Night

  • Presentation + Q&A
  • Up-cycled fashion night - sewing and screen printing

Tuesday, Nov. 13: Action Night

  • + workshop: How to make Kombucha

Wednesday, Nov. 14: Presentations & Workshop

  • Healing The Business World – Jonathan Klodt, Leadership³
  • Emergent Truth, sharing awareness – Richard Schut
  • “Courage to Change, Courage to Act” – Elisabeth Kremer, Kreisau-Initiative e.V.
  • + workshop: Jonathan Klodt, Transforming The Business World With Collective Leadership

Thursday, Nov. 15: Community Networking Night

Friday, Nov. 16: Presentations & Workshop

  • 1769, small sustainable building and living project seeks participants and helpers – Claudia Vogt & David Zehnter
  • Eco Hacker Farm, Franz Gatzke & Aimee Fenech
  • Das Baumhaus Berlin, How We Got Here and Where We Are Going Next – Scott Bolden & Karen Wohlert, Co-founders
  • + workshop: Richard Schut, Emergent Truth


Saturday, Nov. 17: Final Day Gathering & Party!

  • Closing Party SOWASVON :: Steven Maff, L/N/A, Ole Brollin, Michael Fremd, Ferdinand Jacob, Scott Bolden, Ellive, Marie Midori, Yves Eden @ Anita Berber