Today we see a paradox that many services and social programmes that intend to help people, actually erode confidence rather than build it.

This event, in partnership with Osca, will bring together practitioners, policy makers, thinkers and funders to explore how, together, we can build people's confidence to take action.

To stimulate this debate we will discuss the publication, which argues that if we want to tackle the crises we face today on issues such as obesity, mental health and in-work poverty, services must become cultivators of confidence to act.

The event will create a much-needed platform for people to come together and explore what’s working and what’s needed. It provides an opportunity to share learning across traditional sectors - education, health, employment, justice, social services - and to focus on how services could be redesigned to give people more control of their lives.

Our hope is that, together, we can co-create a movement for creating confidence. A movement rooted in the people and places that have been doing it for decades.

Registration opens at 17:30 with the launch starting promptly at 18:00. The event will close at 19:15 with networking drinks until 20:00.

This event is free, you can find out more and register for it here.

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