Are you longing to fall in LOVE with running your BUSINESS again? Have you been tossing and turning at night and are simply feeling the PRESSURE of WORK instead of experiencing PLEASURE?

Are you trying to work HARDER in order to run your own business, but actually feel close to a BURN OUT and you have no idea how to move into JOY, FULFILMENT and CREATIVITY with your BUSINESS

Are you constantly worried about MONEY and you don't quite know how to build a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with your finances? Do you wish someone would simply guide you how to have an ADVANCED MONEY MINDSET that allows you to THRIVE and achieve your business GOALS?

Well, here is an incredible OPPORTUNITY for YOU to explore what else is POSSIBLE!

This CONSCIOUS business retreat is ideal for ENTREPRENEURS, MOM/DAD-PRENEURS or WANT-TO-ENJOY-PRENEURS who desire to spend 2 days with a BUSINESS COACH and a TANTRA TEACHER! We will offer you our insights, wisdom and passion while taking your on a journey of transformation from PRESSURE to PLEASURE!

You will walk away feeling SUPER-CHARGED, INSPIRED, TRANSFORMED and equipped with mind-blowing tools, techniques and practices that will add VITALITY, CLARITY and DELICIOUSNESS back into your WORK and LIFE.

You will be tapping into your EMOTIONAL and BODY INTELLIGENCE, our under-utilised HUMAN SUPER SKILL and applying those in the EVOLUTION of your individual strategy for a fulfilled working life.

Here are some things you can expect to walk away with from the

☆ Self-care practices that support your shift from PRESSURE to PLEASURE in business
☆ Tools that support your development of a healthy relationship around money
☆ Easy access to your inner genius where intuition and creativity thrive
☆ Strategies to bring your business in abundance and ease
☆ Multiple practice partners that will support your journey
☆ 2 inspirational days which will allow you to deeply connect with your passion and recharge your soul-business-batteries

☆ Tickets are 365 Euros each

☆ EVERYONE is welcome
☆ Places are limited
☆ Wear comfortable clothes that allow movement
☆ Tantric practices will guide you into expansive energy and an intimate and nurturing connection with yourself
☆ Simply come as you are! No need to prepare anything
☆ FRI and SAT 10:00am - 18:30pm

☆ Consultant for businesses and investments with a higher purpose & coach for emotional intelligence
☆ > than 10 years of experience in investing and growing ventures in Europe, Africa, Asia
☆ > than 10 years of experience in personal development (meditation, zen traditions, family constellation, therapy etc.)
☆ Strong passion for humanities in its different colours and shapes that made me travel the world

☆ I am a passionate Tantra teacher and I have run workshops around the world
☆ I am certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach (under Layla Martin with 600h+)
☆ I have 2 kids, I love to dance and eat chocolate
☆ I offer 1:1 online Sacred Sexuality coaching (sign up via facebook page TantraMama)