This event is about leadership, organisations, and data. From Data Orchard's work with hundreds of non-profits they know there are powerful opportunities to be realised from getting to grips with data… and there are real challenges too. Many charity and social enterprise leaders tell them they are not confident about data and lack capability in this area. This event will cover some key questions:

  • What do we mean by data?
  • Why is data a big deal in the non-profit sector these days?
  • How well is my organisation is doing with data compared to others?
  • Where do we start on the journey to improve?
  • What help is available to support us?

With a mixture of presentations, discussion and informal networking over lunch we hope to cover these questions and others you may have.

This event marks the launch of our ‘Data Evolution Plus’ project, one of just seven in the world supported by the Digital Impact programme run by the Centre for Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University, part funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

More information about the event can be found here.


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