An online workshop that explores how to design food gatherings that spark conversation, inspire, and connect people.

Buffets, refreshments, lunches, and coffee breaks are often dull, underwhelming moments that fail to connect people or end the event on a high note as they should. Sometimes there is little care for the food. Other times, the conversation doesn’t take off. What can the organizer do to elevate the quality of the experience? What does it take to host? Is it possible to “design” a food experience, and how to make it memorable?

In this online workshop, I’ll share a fresh approach to help you rethink and reframe your food event from the perspective of conversation, hospitality, and community. I’ll provide the best practices and techniques I’ve learned to design and host food gatherings and build an excited and loyal community around your event, business, and brand. If you’re an event manager, conference organizer and someone who host events over food, you should join!

About your host:

Veronica Fossa is an experience designer, writer, speaker and the founder of WE Factory. She has designed food experiences internationally since 2011 spanning design conferences, supper clubs, music festivals, company meetings, and retreats. In 2017, she hosted Meal at Work, a lunch format, which took place simultaneously in 14 companies in 10 countries. She is on a mission to create a food revolution in the workplace and is passionate about humanizing the work environment through kindness, presence, and empathy.