Beyond the Classroom, an organisation with the mission to revolutionise education, hosts the event "When Profit and Purpose Collide".

The future of our economy depends on deep collaborations between the social and corporate sectors!

With Brexit, austerity and terror threats dominating the news, you’d be forgiven for thinking the worst. But a quiet revolution may be happening across our country that points to a better future. Women and girls are building bridges across former divides: Corporates and Communities, private wealth and social benefit.

Over the past three years, with support from Rosa (the UK Fund for Women and Girls) Beyond the Classroom and the Aviva Women’s Network have nurtured a deep and impactful partnership, built on mutual respect, objectives and interests. We've provided impactful opportunities to Aviva People and a diverse pool of young women across London.

CSR has well documented benefits for teams and companies. Corporate support is a goal for many charities. Diversity and inclusion are hot topics. But this new trend goes further: Mutual support and shared understanding are flourishing, where suspicion and resentment once lay – and the benefits go way beyond the teams or charities involved.

On the 18th of October, in honour of the International Day of the Girl, join a conversation that promises a brighter future for all our daughters and sons. We're celebrating unusual alliances and mutual respect while looking to the future of Corporate X Social collaborations.

What does it look like and what makes it different? How can we spot the innovation and replicate what works?

Come and learn of the magic that happens, when profit and purpose collide!

This event is free of charge. Please register here.

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