You want to LIVE YOUR PASSION, but "inspirational quotes on instagram", a bunch of self-help books, countless talks to your friends and even more TED-talk-downloads just HAVEN'T DONE THE JOB?

You wanna change your career? Have more meaningful relationships? Expand your comfort zone? INSPIRE YOURSELF AND OTHERS?

You WOULD/COULD/SHOULD have taken action, but you didn't have the time, the money, the guts ... [finish the phrase]?

OK, chances are: You won't do it. The thinking that brought you here, won't get you there. Simple as that.

That sounds kinda bleak. Ok. So here's a good question for you:

Who do YOU dare to be and which IMPACT do you want to stand for?


Yes, you heard right. We are serious about our mission and 95% of our alumni report that The Arc is the best or one of the best training events they ever went to.

We don't do any hocus pocus or "get rich/fit/famous in 3-steps programme". Instead: We work with simple but effective coaching techniques that have been validated for decades. For 5 days we coach you on YOUR personal leadership vision and then help you implement your ideas for 6 months after the event.

In other words: If YOU choose to participate in this event you will be given the opportunity…

1) to question your limiting beliefs and to name the challenges that held you back from pursuing your passion,
2) to shake hands with your life purpose and agree on a first date,
3) to understand how your biggest talents, strengths and empowering beliefs help you override your challenges and to take a leap into action!

The Arc is known as a enormously challenging, but a highly rewarding and professional training course. Its methodology is focused around coaching, personal development, peer-to-peer education, group facilitation and personal feedback.


The Arc is perfect for you, if you are a young person with the ambition to be an agent of change! Just that… you haven’t yet figured out what exactly it is that you want to be an inspiration for or how to approach it.

In order to join you do not require any concrete project management experience or any other sort of crazy leadership thing on your CV.

Just register, bring yourself, your passions, your fears, your potential, your brain! We will love you no matter who you are.


All courses will be led by experienced international trainers that are all certified within their special area of competence such as mediation, coaching, design-thinking etc…

Needless to say but let's mention it anyways: Nope, we are NOT linked to any obscure religious, psycho or political movement. We are a bunch of freelancers, professional coaches and trainers from all over Europe who are passionate about 2 things: Impact and Personal Growth. Meet our team here.

Oi, and we are YOUR AGE! We are no 50+ years executive coaches that don't know how to use the internet, but we are on whatsapp, soundcloud, etsy, netflix and... yeah... some of us tinder ... just like everybody else.

Excited? Curious? Thrilled?

Learn more and register here.

Fingers crossed,
Your Arc Crew