For over a decade this event has delivered an unmatched, holistic view of supply chain challenges and solutions. 2018’s iteration is the strongest, most value packed we’ve ever produced with a laser-like focus on the emerging technologies, innovations and collaborations critical to sustainable, cost-effective supply chain strategies.

Whether you work in the procurement, supply chain or sustainability functions this is the only strategic event that delivers the information you need to make a positive impact… at a time when global supply chains are being scrutinised like never before.

The conference's keynote sessions topics include:

  • Integrating SDG into Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation
  • Coalition
  • Low-Carbon
  • Human Rights Due Diligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Brexit and the Supply Chain conundrum 

Three workshops will be offered focused on:

  • Blockchain- what does it mean?
  • Integrating the SDG's within the supply chain function
  • Circular innovations within supply chain management process

Additionally, there will be Breakout Sessions including: 

  • Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Packing & Logistics

For more information & to purchase tickets please visit the Ethical Corporation website

Ethical Corporation is offering a  discount for tbd* community members who wish to attend their 13th Responsible Supply Chain Summit Europe 2018. You can use the code "tbd200" for a £200 discount on the price of admission. 

*Please note, the discount code is not valid for Academic/NGO passes as they are already discounted.