How do I start my own social project or business? Who's who in Germany's social startup sector? How do I get funding for my social business? Is crowdfunding even right for me? What about marketing on a low budget? 

You'll find the answers to these questions, and more, in the tbd* / Changer Social Startup Guide 2015.

We've assembled more than 20 of our favorite articles into one ultimate guide. In the guide, you'll meet some of Germany's most exciting social entrepreneurs and find everything you need to get your own social startup off the ground. Over 60 pages are packed full of expert tips and personal stories that will help you fully realize your social impact.

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The tbd* / Changer Social Startup Guide 2015 was made possible by:


Tengelmann Social Ventures is a social impact investor that focuses on funding social businesses and supporting social entrepreneurs. Their approach, "social impact first, financial impact second."

Originally published May 6, 2015

*is your future to be determined?

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