Since 2014, Social Saturday has been an annual, nationwide campaign dedicated to promoting social enterprises and encouraging consumers to utilize their spending power to benefit the greater good by supporting social enterprises. This year, Social Saturday will take place on October 14, 2017. 

Managed by Social Enterprise UK, Social Saturday lends the opportunity for social enterprises to showcase the work their businesses do to promote human and environmental well-being. Businesses have the chance to acquire gifts from consumers, gain support from politicians and raise awareness of their mission throughout the public sphere. How businesses utilize Social Saturday is entirely up to them and dependent on their approach: this includes creating a special Social Saturday promotion or product, inviting an MP or councillor to visit and learn about their business, or collaborating with other social enterprises. You can view Social Saturday’s suggestions for getting involved in the campaign here.

Social Saturday also empowers consumers to make smarter choices with their money-- giving them the chance to learn about various social enterprises and utilize their purchasing power to maximize positive social impact. To help consumers in their decision to purchase a product with social impact, Social Saturday has created the Social Enterprise Marketplace. Here, consumers can browse through various social enterprises’ products by category and easily learn more about each business’s social goal.

The ultimate goal of Social Saturday is to bring awareness to social enterprises and inspire consumers to employ their purchasing power to support business with a social impact.