Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Sick of the same old routine? Sometimes you’ve got to mix things up to keep innovation (and your impact) spicy. Luckily Impact Hub Berlin has put together their top tips to make sure your ideas stay sexy.

Here’s a list of 10 simple things you can do to give your relationship, umm we mean ideas, that extra boost.

  1. Stay Flexible – Avoid becoming too bureaucratic in your ways. Don’t get stuck in a daily routine.
  2. Flirt More – Talk about your idea with everyone you meet. You might get lucky and find a new customer, the right investor and who knows – maybe even a new partner.
  3. Give and Take – Collaborate with others to grow, find out how to do things differently, and gain new perspectives. Find ways to return the favour.
  4. Go Wild – Try out new things, prototype your idea and go outside to test it. Go crazy, there’s so much more to discover.
  5. Experiment – Saying “no, but…” kills innovative ideas and leads to a downward spiral. Try saying “yes, and...” and see how the energy levels rise.
  6. Stay Confident – There’s magic waiting to happen outside your comfort zone. Have the courage to step out of it and trust yourself.
  7. Be Playful – Learn to let go a bit. Having fun without pressure will unleash your full potential and creativity.
  8. Learn from Others – You don’t need to know it all. Reach out and learn from others who have been-there-done-that.
  9. Be Dominant – Play different roles. When you’re about to make it happen, it’s OK to take the lead.
  10. It’s OK to Tease – Pitch your ideas right. Reveal a bit at a time, get us curious and make us ask for more.

 Originally published April 15, 2015.

*is your future to be determined?

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