The Purpose Fellowship will begin on October 15th, 2021! The registration deadline is October 8th, 2021. 

Are you currently feeling lost or not fulfilled in your career? Do you feel ready to take the step to a more impact-focused career but not sure how? Are you a recent graduate just starting out or an experienced professional thinking of finally starting your own business? Do you want to build your network with like-minded people from all over the world and get a personal support group to overcome your own personal challenges? Then our tbd* Purpose Fellowship - Career Coaching Program & Community is for you! Sign up now and join an international community of like-minded people,who will support you to take the next big leap towards a more meaningful career.

The Purpose Fellowship has supported hundreds of purpose-driven professionals to build a career they love. What it includes:

  • Inspiring: Get new expert input from our professional career coach Astrid Schrader every Friday lunchtime (1pm-2pm CET) for 8 weeks

  • Flexible: If you cannot make a Friday session you can catch up in your own time by watching the videos whenever you want!

  • Interactive: Put the newly learned input into practice with your personal mastermind group meeting once a week at a time that suits you

  • Network: Join our Purpose Fellowship Slack Community with over 250 international alumni to see exclusive job opportunities, business ideas and events plus share your personal experience with a network of like-minded people 

  • NEW for autumn 2021: Join exclusive events from purpose driven organisations. For the upcoming Purpose Fellowship we will be presenting GIZ - The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, a German development agency that provides services in the field of international development cooperation and international education work.



Every Friday from October 15th - December 3rd
Registration Deadline is October 8th!

Purpose Journey Sessions happen every Friday at 1pm-2pm CET. You are encouraged to join but all of these will be recorded so that if you can't make it you can watch in your own time!

You are also invited to join the Mastermind Sessions on Fridays at 5pm CET (open-end). However you can also arrange an alternative meeting time with your mastermind group if this time doesn't work.

Please note, all input sessions are carried out by our partners at The Arc, led by Astrid Schrader, Founder and Managing Director of The Arc, and a professional coach with over 10 years of experience. 

Our alumni rated the career coaching program at an average of 4.5 out of 5!

Here is what the alumni said:
"There is real value in working with like-minded strangers to help get objective feedback on your future, and working together toward a common goal means that you build a ready-made career network that will support you in your transition to a more interesting career."

"It enabled me to get back on track, regain my positivity, meet awesome, inspiring & purpose-driven people and to realise that I am not alone with my struggles."

"I feel grateful for having the chance to be part of this community! Seeing new faces, discussing so openly with other people and sharing our concerns and fears; but also our ambitions and power, already gave me lots of positive energy. It was very restorative."

"The fellowship has been exactly what I needed, it has made an incredible difference for me." 

Purpose Finder

Are you currently unemployed, recently graduated or in a low-income bracket? Then this is the option for you!

390€ /inkl. MwSt

Are you mid-to-high income and mid-to-high experience and want to be matched with other people at a similar level? Join us as a Professional!

540€ /inkl. MwSt

Is your company enabling you to join this course so that you can become a more purpose-driven professional and a better leader? Then this is the one you should choose. 

890€ /inkl. MwSt

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Who is it for?

The Purpose Fellowship is designed for purpose-driven professionals at any stage of their career, who align with our mission to make the world a better place. It is an entirely virtual career coaching program so you can take part from anywhere. 

As the Purpose Fellowship is an intensive career coaching program specifically targeted at impact professionals, please only join, if all the following apply to you:

  1. You are willing to DO THE WORK. Do not expect to be given a magic recipe for a better life with overnight results (although you should expect quite a few aha moments!)
  2. This is NOT a personal coaching but instead a peer-to-peer coaching program. You are ready to receive feedback, to listen and are ready to give your time and energy to others, too. #no_arrogance
  3. Purpose Fellows want to build a better life for themselves and a more sustainable and just global society.

Show Course Outline


►Get matched with your Mastermind and start right away into a process of honest self-enquiry: How am I generating the very conditions I am trying to avoid?

►We will take an inventory of how fulfilled we are in different areas of our (work) life, and which areas - if improved just a little bit - would have the biggest overall positive effect on all other areas in our lives


► Based on our findings in Week 1 and using a powerful methodology to connect to your intuition, we shall indulge in a vision-building process where we will sense into the following questions: What is my true passion? What is my mission? What is the impact I am here to build? 


► Using our Purpose Canvas you will follow the key questions that you need to make what you have learned so far fit into a career. Yes, we'll talk about money as well as passion, people and roles.


► Knowing where you are heading, what you need to let go of, what you need to accept and what you need to change is what this session is about. Cut down your to-do list and focus on what really matters.


► This week we will focus on how to build yourself an ecosystem that challenges and supports you on your journey to more impactful work


►The essence of a great first impression whether that’s in a CV, a networking event or an elevator is a credible and authentic story. Let’s develop yours. One that comes truly from the heart and the telling of which fills you up with pride!


► Let’s face it! Many of us struggle to dare great things, because we don’t feel confident enough. This is memorized suffering. If our thinking shapes our reality: What would you choose to think differently?


► Just because the Purpose Fellowship is finished, doesn’t mean it’s ending! In this session we design a compelling path for you to go on after the Fellowship. 

►And… celebrate all our successes!

Show Scholarships and Subsidies


Scholarships and Subsidies

We wholeheartedly welcome fellows who have experienced marginalisation and/or are subject to significant financial barriers to taking part. We have a small number of scholarships available. Please understand that simply being unemployed does not qualify you for a scholarship. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please send us an email by one week before the deadline (please keep it simple) containing the following information:
1. Information about your financial situation 
2. Evidence of your previous commitment to a career with purpose 
3. Your goal(s) within the Purpose Fellowship
4. Any other relevant biographical information that you feel comfortable sharing

Only emails containing this information will be considered. Please note we will respond to scholarship requests after the application deadline has closed. Please don't expect a response until then.

Hide Scholarships and Subsidies