Have you ever wanted to do more than just have a successful business? Maybe you’ve always felt propelled by a sense of determination to make the world a better place, but have always been unsure how to do so when the world is so big and you are so small. There’s a way to marry these two motivators and a ton of really great resources to help you do it.

The marriage between running a business and changing the world is called social entrepreneurship.

MOOC’s for Social Entrepreneurship

There are quite a few Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) available for those of you interested in testing the social entrepreneurship waters before fulling committing to a mission. We did a good bit of research to supply you with 14 MOOC in Social Entrepreneurship from some of the best online course providers out there. We hope you’re ready to get inspired and to have your internal fire for social change lit!

1. Social Entrepreneurship: A Crash Course: Here is a quick and informative class taught by the amazing Jessica Lax, founder of School for Change. It is offered on Udemy for a low fee that seems well worth it given the content covered. The course focuses on five valuable tools that many social entrepreneurs use. Students will cover: hybrid organizations, earned revenue, impact capital, impact measurement and human centered design.

2. Social Entrepreneurship: An Introduction: This is another course offered by Udemy, only it’s completely free of charge! This course is taught by lawyer and social entrepreneur, Greg Werkheiser who has years of invaluable experience to offer anyone who wishes to gain a deeper insight into the social impact felt by those who venture into the field. Students will certainly have a front row seat to the world of social entrepreneurship and many questions will be expertly answered.

3. Social Media for Social Change: Christine Beggs, Creative Director and Founder of Ripples Edge Media, teaches this MOOC for Udemy. The fee for this course is incredibly small when you consider the super helpful bit of information you’re going to walk away with. Ms. Beggs is going to give up the social media goods as she helps you grasp how other social entrepreneurs use it as a tool to enhance their mission.

4. LinkedIn For EntrepreneursPayne teaches this course via Udemy and boy does he have the goods to back up his lessons. Payne is the CEP of GraphicDesignWars.com and has firms and designers all over the country. He teaches students how to effectively use LinkedIn to help their businesses grow.

5. Programming for EntrepreneursSurprise! Here’s another course from Udemy! This one teaches students various programming aspects that may be important to their endeavors as entrepreneurs. Pablo Farias Navarro brings a ton of valuable information to the table and all for free.

6. Get Started in Social Entrepreneurship: A Practical GuideUp next on our Udemy streak of social entrepreneurship MOOC’s is the practical guide taught by Leesa Hubbard, a well-known and respected Change Catalyst. The course is exactly what is seems. It will provide students with a good foundation for their future social enterprise. The course does have a modest price tag and lots to offer.

7. How to Change the WorldTaking a break from Udemy. We are heading over to Coursera for this super interesting course. Here students will take a six week course that focuses on core issues of social entrenpreneurship like poverty, the environment, technology, health care, gender equality, education and much more. All it takes is a 3-5 hour weekly investment to have your horizons broadened.

8. Getting Started – Social Business Start UpTommy Hutchinson, founder of i-genius, teaches you what he knows best: how to start a social enterprise. You’ll have a front row seat to each step in the process of beginning a business. This is a course best suited for future social entrepreneurs, businesses looking to kick start their companies in a new direction, anyone seeking a new career in a socially aware industry and students looking to gain more knowledge to improve upon their futures.

9. How to Build a StartupThis is a similar course to the one previously mentioned as it gives students a good amount of insight into what it takes to launch a social business. Here those enrolled with will learn the customer aspect of a business and how important their feedback is in conjunction with your product and marketing. There’s a lot to cover in this course and so much to gain.

10. Changemaker MOOC: Social EntrepreneurshipThis course offered by Class-Central isn’t currently in session, but it is most certainly one to keep an eye out for in the near future. It’s is designed to give social entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn how real projects in this niche are carried out. It’s a step by step guide to figuring out what to do no matter what your social enterprise is going to focus on.

11. Social EntrepreneurshipThis Coursera course is spearheaded by the Copenhagen Business School and it’s a pretty popular class on the topic of social entrepreneurship. Students will learn first-hand how to “create societal impact through social entrepreneurship. There is some focus places on the entire process from determining how to incite change with your enterprise all the way to actually outlining a business plan.

12. Professional Development and the Exploration of Active Citizenship Through Social EntrepreneurshipThis course is more like a seminar than anything, but don’t let that discourage you because it’s still bursting with valuable information. The hope is that those enrolled will walk away with the right concepts and information to help you achieve awesome skills that you can apply in effective ways.

13. Social Innovation MOOCThis course on social innovation is also unavailable at the moment, but is expected to open again in the near future. Be sure to add yourself to the watchlist if you’re interested in delving into ways that social innovations are created and how they impact everything we do from our home to work lives.

14. Foundations of Business StrategyEven a social endeavor needs to have a solid business foundation to thrive and help people, right?  This is a self-paced course offered by the University of Virginia through Coursera. The objective behind this course is to arm future social entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to analyze and improve upon your business idea with a set of tools that you’ll hopefully garner from it.

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About the Author: 

This article was contributed by Nina Fenton, Senior Writer at Learn U

Originally published April 2, 2015

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