Interested in working in the field of international development? Super! Here is an overview of some of the bigger organisations that have a lot of development jobs in Germany and internationally.

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Development Jobs in Germany
If you are looking for development jobs in Germany, you'll have the best chance of finding work in Berlin or Bonn. This is where the most development jobs in Germany are, due to their proximity to the current and former governments. There are also are fair number of development jobs in a small town called Eschborn, which is where the GIZ (the state development agency) is located. 

To have a fighting chance of finding development jobs in Germany, you will find that speaking German is a common requirement, but there are other powers of persuasion that can be used. Believe it or not, the biggest development organisations (like Misereor or Brot für die Welt) are Christian organisations and are legally allowed to stipulate that you have to be a member of the Church to work there – so if you are, be sure to mention it.

Language competency is something else you should be sure to mention. Many organisations work in German, but require other language competencies. If you’re proficient enough in one, it may detract from the others that you lack.

These are some of the bigger organizations (and a few of our favourites) which offer jobs in development in Germany.

Here is an overview of development organizations in Germany:

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Originally published December 20, 2014

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