As a company and also as the co-founder of the entrepreneur's pledge, we are trying to unfuck the economy since 4 years but the situation has worsened with climate change showing its face dramatically with heat records for the last years, inequality exploding and worst of all: most politicians and corporations are still in denial mode.

Therefore we would love to organize a sort of think tank/roundtable with (crazy) people who are sick of the status quo and we would like to bring different disciplines together, because unfucking the economy alone is not enough.

To unfuck the world we need to unfuck (just to name a few):

  • economy

  • politics

  • education

  • science

  • art

  • media

  • fashion

  • sports

  • mobility

  • food

  • climate change

  • inequality

  • racism

  • banking

  • patriarchy

  • and many more

If you are interested or an expert in any of these fields or other important fields that are not mentioned yet and you are ready to think beyond "standard" solutions, then we would love to meet you at our town hall meeting. We are ready to host up to 50 people in our office in Kreuzberg but we will find a perfect (open air) location for any number of participants (we heard the Olympiastadium in Berlin hosts up to 100.000 people ;)

The format of the evening will highly depend on the number of people signing up but we will try to get as many experts, scientists, organizations like fridaysforfuture or extinction rebellion to join us as well. Once we get an idea who is joining we will invite you to participate in the creation of the program. Everyone is welcome and the more diverse the better. We'd love to apply our core values to this event: fairstainable (fair & sustainable), unicornique (crazy is good) and fug (fight & hug, we are allowed to fight over ideas but we will hug after).

Expectation management:

To be honest with you, we have no clue what comes out of this town hall meeting. You can be sure that it's not going to be a monologue from anybody. It's going to be about discussing solutions to unfuck the world and trying to bring different viewpoints from different fields together. It's going to be very interactive and probably very chaotic but chances are high that you won't regret this evening.

Are you in?


Still 1 month to go, so time to get you involved in the program.

More than 850 people signed up already including some pretty cool experts and I would like to organize "market stands" around the different unfuck topics.

For that we need people who have a deeper knowledge of an unfuck topic like "politics" who would like to host a stand and maybe even tell us sth on a bigger stage.

In any case, if you want to host a "market stand" or just want to listen and discuss, please fill out this survey to get a better idea for the event:

Out of all the replies we will select and try to combine topics so we get 2-3 people to host a market stand to discuss that topic with visitors of the stand.

We are really looking forward to this crazy event.

Best regards