The Changer is home to a community of social impact professionals who are committed to making the world a better place.

We want to work differently. We want a job that we love. We want to make a real difference in the world. We are The Changers. 

By combining job opportunities with relevant resources, events and inspiration, we make it easier for people to DO GOOD and create meaningful change in their careers. 

The Changer helps nonprofits and social impact organizations find top talent by providing an easy, transparent and cheap way for them to recruit. 


Nadia, Nicole and Naomi met in 2009 whilst studying for a Masters in Berlin. Frustrated by the lack of transparency around opportunities for a social impact career, they eventually decided to create a transparent overview of what is out there in terms of jobs, events, innovations and funding opportunities.

The Changer was launched in April 2014. Since then we have reached almost half a million people who are looking for ways to make their careers more social.

Our international team is based in Berlin, Germany. We have diverse professional backgrounds; with experience working for organizations such Oxfam, Human Rights Watch, and the UN, as well as some of today’s leading tech start-ups.



The Changer is a social business. A business because we sell services and products for a financial return. But social because our mission is not to make profit. Our mission is to speed up positive social change. We believe that by making the many opportunities for a social impact career more visible, we can help attract the best people. (Whether it is managing a corporate foundation, starting a non-profit with friends or simply making a for-profit business more sustainable.)

Additionally, through the promotion and exchange of best practices and by growing local communities of social impact professionals, we believe that we can speed up social change on a global scale.

Ion, one of our users, summed up pretty well how The Changer works. In fact, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. 

The Changer is so useful in educating and informing "outsiders" like myself about the structures and networks through which change is being implemented on so many levels. I think lots of people, and I include myself among them, even though we are interested and concerned about the issues you work on, have only a very vague idea and don't know how to engage or somehow make use of that knowledge in their work life. So, congratulations for that open approach and for spreading awareness.

I have for a long time been thinking about working on my own and daring to jump into the entrepreneurial world with a couple of ideas. It is however a somewhat confusing step to take, and makes me ask myself many questions about what work should be like for myself and for others, and what kind of impact I would eventually be causing. Therefore, I am very interested in such notions as social entrepreneurship and see The Changer as a mentor or counsellor at the beginning of this kind of venture. I will definitely stay up to date with your website, and I will attend as many of the events you post as possible to try to educate myself into both the entrepreneurial and the social aspects of work.

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